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FEELIN' NAUTI charter boat

See Edgartown from a different view



Our Sunset cruise is approximately 2 hours long. It can also conclude our 4-hour or 8-hour excursion.

Our private Sunset Excursion cruise offers stunning views of Edgartown Harbor, Chappaquiddick, Katama Bay, Cape Pouge, and Edgartown Lighthouse. Start in Edgartown Harbor cruise to Katama Bay and around the Oyster Farms, stop and take a group photo with the iconic Edgartown lighthouse behind you, all while sipping your favorite cocktail.  Our excursion ends by watching the sunset behind Edgartown Lighthouse while drifting on the open sea. Enjoy the scenery to the sound of your favorite tunes, as you can play your music through our on-board Bluetooth system. Come experience the beauty of Edgartown from the water side. A NAUTI night you will not forget!



Over 6 passengers in your group? Please text Captain Angie @ 508-939-1421 we may be able to accommodate you. 




Available for our 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour Nauti Excursions. 

Experience the beauty of MARTHA'S VINEYARD on a private cruise. Enjoy the music through the boats' Bluetooth system as we cruise you around Edgartown Harbor, Katama Bay, Chappaquidick, and Cape Poge. Jump off the upper deck or pull up to a secluded beach for a nice swim or walk on the beach. It's YOUR VACATION, LET'S DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO



  • Captained and 24' Bennington  double-decker pontoon boat "FEELIN' NAUTI" 


  • Ice, cooler, water, and soft drinks (BYOB)

  • Water toys, towels, and blankets



Available for 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour excursion 

~Your captain will anchor the "FEELIN' NAUTI" our 24' double-decker pontoon boat in Cape Poge or Katama Bay Edgartown you can blast your music through the bluetooth system, go swimming, jump off the upper deck, eat, soak up the sun, take pics, and just have fun like us islanders like to do. Great for birthday celebrations! 


  • Captained

    24' Bennington double-decker pontoon boat 


  • Ice, cooler, and beverages (BYOB)

  • Water toys, towels, and blankets


Available for our 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour Nauti Excursions. 

Your captain will cruise you to a secluded beach and pull the "Feelin' Nauti" 24' double-decker pontoon boat onto the beach. Enjoy your little beach away from everyone.  Bask in the water,  take a stroll on the beach or just lay back and soak up the sun, the sky's the limit! 



Captain Angie Fisher is a native of Martha's Vineyard. She comes from a long bloodline of Fishermen. Her ancestors were whalers on Martha's Vineyard in the 1800s and her family has never left.  She has lived in Edgartown her entire life. Edgartown is and forever will be her home. Growing up as a fisherman's daughter she spent most of her childhood in or on the water in Katama Bay, Sengekontacket Pond,  Edgartown Great Pond, and Cape Poge.  Almost Everyday day in the summer her parents (Francis and Lori Fisher) would pack up the 1972 4x4 van and head to the beach. Grills, coolers, tables, horseshoes, Boogey boards, masks, and snorkels. Don't forget the quahog rakes and baskets!  Every day was a beach party to her, while her father was clamming and quahogging she would swim out and "help" her dad looking for little necks with her feet. It was the best childhood she could ask for. She is her father's daughter! And Angie felt at a young age she wanted to work on the water. She has been a commercial fisherman in Edgartown for 20+ years, she also helped out on her father's oyster farm in Katama Bay for 3 years. For over a decade she has dreamed about owning her own charter business, doing leisure cruises/excursions in Edgartown but as a mother of 2, she couldn't find the time or the resources. Now that her children are practically adults she found the time and accomplished getting her USCG masters (captains) license and dove in! She is the true definition of an island Nauti Girl!




   Wanted to say a huge Thank You for an Awesome charter a few weeks back. Angie is so friendly! I had a great time learning about MV from her. Her knowledge and experience on the water made the experience! Everything from private settings to comfy blankets and extra towels to information on oystering makes the her chapter one of a kind,  personal and top-notch! Can't wait to be able to do it again sometime soon!


 I recently took this charter with Angie and a group of friends. It was amazing!!!! Meeting Captain Angie was like meeting an old friend. Angie flawlessly ran that boat with an ease like no other. Nothing but laughs and good times. Cannot wait to do it again! You rock Angie and Nauti Girl Excursions!

SmartSelect_20210729-003339_Photo Editor.jpg

I booked the Nauti Girl 8 hour excursion which ended with the sunset excursion for a girl's weekend! What a blast!! We will be back!!! She is the real deal! Her ease and professionalism at the helm speak to Angie’s deep experience. 


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